Friday, August 24, 2007

Brad Pitt: "Mother Teresa" and "Martin Luther King" Combined together
Brad Pitt is married to Angelina Jolie and has adopted 5 children from different parts of the world. The children are from Asia and Africa among others. It is very admirable to try to help the "children of the world" or have "a United Nation's family" but is this real? Is this on a voluntary basis?

Is Brad Pitt a "Mother Teresa" and "Martin Luther King" combined into one person? How did Brad Pitt developed such a personality? When this process took place? Was Brad Pitt active in civil rights movemnet? Does Brad Pitt show a high level of political consciousness in his interviews? The answer is No.

The reality is Mr. Brad Pitt an ordinary American and is not a "Mother Teresa".
The amount of money Mr. Brad Pitt has earned in his films in Hollywood, and the personality that he shows on his interviews does not point to Brad Pitt as a civil rights activist. His life style is a life style of "rich and famous".

Also the busy schedule he has in his work, does not allow him to take care of 5 children even if they were his own children. So what is the reason for this astounding concern about the world?

The key to his behaviour should be found in an article by Mr. Peter Paul entitled:

"Hillary Says Cher is A Key Witness and Maybe A Co-Felon in Hillary’s Election Law Crimes"
By: Peter F. Paul
See the Article below

According to this article Mr. Brad Pitt is most likely not only a witness by also a "Co-Felon" in "Hillary's Election Law Crimes" similar to Cher. You can be sure that Hillary will not go to jail, but "The Co-Felons" certainly can go to jail if they do not behave as they are told to. Also you can be sure that there are lots of other things the democratic party and the police has on Mr. Brad Pitt which can send him to jail for many years to come.

The reality is many hollywood actors and entertainment figures such as Brad Pitt, Michael Jackson and many others have been trapped and set up for blackmail by the democratic party and the police. Michael Jackson lost most of his money due to the blackmail and in the end he was forced to flee the country. Mr. Brad Pitt is most likely have been trapped and is easily subject to blackmail and remote control. Mr. Brad Pitt behaviour is most likely not based on voluntary decisions and that is the point. There are 1000's of other people who are unknown and are living in similar conditions under modern slavery forms created by the democratic party.

Also the Democratic Party or the Police have no concern about the "People of the World". The police is concerned about the money and the democratic party is mostly concerned about promoting and pushing its "Oppressed People" agenda in order to gain the control of wider segments of the American population. See more on the "ideology of oppressed" promoted by the democratic party on our home page.
Brad Pitt and Hillary Clinton's "election law crimes"

Hillary Says Cher is A Key Witness and Maybe A Co-Felon in Hillary’s Election Law Crimes

By: Peter F. Paul

Hillary Clinton made a remarkable admission of a felony violation of the federal election law in a the recently released video tape of a phone call Hillary made to her largest secret 2000 Senate race donor, Peter Paul.

The admission can be heard in the middle of the five minute taped conversation which included Paul’s partner, Spider Man creator Stan Lee.** Hillary tells Peter Paul that she has spoken to Cher for the first time, after Paul enlisted Cher’s singing services for the “hard money” concert he was producing and underwriting for Hillary’s campaign in August, 2000. Hillary’s call to Cher cinched the deal for Cher to perform for Hillary’s Senate campaign’s benefit.

Hillary’s solicitation of Cher’s contribution of her professional performing services, worth more than $150,000, to enable Paul to sell $1000 “hard money” contribution-tickets to benefit Hillary’s Senate campaign, resulted in Cher becoming a co-conspirator and material witness to Hillary’s felony violation of federal law.

It is illegal to contribute, as well as solicit, an excessive contribution (exceeding $2000) to a federal candidate under federal election law, Hillary effectively induced Cher to commit a felony with her!

Cher joins a long list of celebrity witnesses that participated in and/or have knowledge of Hillary’s illegal and fraudulent activities in dealing with Peter Paul.

The witness list includes Chelsea Clinton, Al Gore, Governor Ed Rendell, Larry King, Shirley McLaine, John Travolta, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anniston, Diana Ross, Mike Wallace, Terry McAuliffe among many others.

(Lee himself admitted in a video taped sworn deposition to making illegal contributions in his name to Hillary’s campaign with monies provided by Paul)

SOURCE: Peter F. Paul

Brad Pitt to adopt Jolie children

Brad Pitt is applying to become the adoptive father of Angelina Jolie's two children, his publicist has announced.

If the application is successful the children's names will be changed to Maddox Jolie-Pitt and Zahara Jolie-Pitt.

Jolie, 30, adopted Maddox from Cambodia and baby Zahara from Ethiopia.

The actors have been linked since Pitt split from ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, but both have refused to speak publicly about their relationship.

The rumours began when they starred together in the film Mr and Mrs Smith and have since been pictured together with the children.

"We are confirming that Brad Pitt is in the process of becoming the adoptive father of both children," said Pitt's publicist Cindy Guagenti.

Pitt, 41, went to Ethiopia with Jolie when she adopted Zahara, who is about 10 months old, in July.

Jolie adopted four-year-old Maddox in 2002 while she was married to actor Billy Bob Thornton. The couple split soon after.

She and Pitt recently travelled to Pakistan to witness the devastation caused by October's earthquake as part of Jolie's work as a United Nations goodwill ambassador.

The Tomb Raider actress appealed for more international aid to be delivered to the country soon before winter strikes and more people are added to the death toll.

Hillary Clinton returns 850,000 dollars collected by fugitive 1 day ago

WASHINGTON (AFP) — Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is to return 850,000 dollars in campaign funds collected by a Hong Kong businessman detained on fraud charges, her office said Tuesday.

Norman Hsu surrendered to police on August 31 having been on the run from Californian authorities since 1992, after he failed to show up at a hearing into fraud charges against him.
Hsu, a naturalized US citizen who originates from Hong Kong, had helped to collect thousands of dollars at state and federal level for Clinton's campaign coffers since 2003.

His name recently appeared on the list of the Democratic Party's 20 top donors and several Democratic party politicians, including Clinton and her nearest rival for the 2008 nomination, Barack Obama, have said they would either return the money he collected or give it to charity.
  • "In light of recent events and allegations that Mr. Norman Hsu engaged in an illegal investment scheme, we have decided out of an abundance of caution to return the money he raised for our campaign," Clinton's spokesman Howard Wolfson said in a statement.

  • "Despite conducting a thorough review of public records, our campaign, like these others, were unaware of Mr. Hsu's decade-plus old warrant."

  • He added some 260 donors would receive refunds totaling about 850,000 dollars. The same donors could however choose to make out a new check for Clinton's campaign.